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Transforming Lives Through Real Estate

We are a team of specialists in Southern California.

As a top-performing Keller Williams team, the mission and vision of the Dave Knight Real Estate Team is to transform lives through creating 5-star experiences. Here, people are our priority. Our goal is for our clients to feel cared for, heard, and connected during their real estate process and beyond.

We have built a culture of integrity, honesty, advocacy, and excellent customer service, which addresses the needs of every client, expressed or unexpressed. We work hard to care for each client as family. We want clients to have such an incredible experience with us that they can't help but recommend us to their friends and families.

We are always looking to work with great people who are ready to learn and grow. More specifically, we are looking for people who embody the "5 H's":

  • Hungry - Motivated, doesn't need to be pushed, wants something bigger than themselves
  • Humble - Growth mindset, loves feedback and getting 1% better every day
  • Hustle - Works hard and does whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Honest - High integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness
  • Heart - Cares for clients and others 

We have the organized systems, scripts, experience and staff that will enable you to focus on the income-producing 20% of activities, rather than the income-servicing 80%. By paying a portion of your commission to the DKRE Team, you will earn more money and have greater freedom compared to working on your own.